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The 5th Semester

It's been a long time did not post anything here. So what will I share today?

Okay, last Thursday which 25th January 18, my examination result published ! So, what can I say, the performance graph still linearly increase from the 1st semester. It was a tough semester for me, since it was my 5th semester out of 8 semester in total which, the level of difficulty for each subject different from the previous semester. 

this semester was really tough for me i guess. why I said so? I've never experienced gastric pain before until the past November if i'm not mistaken. It was started right after i came back from mid semester break. The chronology was like, at first I was experienced flu, fever and cough in same time. The worst thing was, it happen when I'm taken my test. After a few days, suddenly there symptom where I cant either taste or smell something and my stomach ache. Everything become tasteless. So after 2 weeks, I went to clinic because I cant bear with the pain. I …

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