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Another Stage

It's been a while since my last post which is on 2013 maybe after SPM even though the post was deleted. So what i am going to share today is, how do we manage our life, i mean when we decided to pursue higher education. I am not the one who should decide what you should do but I just want to share my experience with anyone who willing to read it.

So here is it ,

2013 was my the year where i took SPM. I am a pure science student and adding another extra subject which was 'Prinsip Perakaunan'. So i didn't remembered who do i survived those year with SPM thingy but for sure those year gave me a lot of memories. So when the result was announced on the early year of 2014, I am not nominated as the best student since I didn't managed to score straight A's. For sure, I cant further study to the field what I want the most. I do received a lot offer letter to pursue study even though with the result 😆 . So I choose Matriculation College as my next destination to pursue…

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